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Our NEW, Done-for-You “21-Day Belly Blast” Nutrition Program will not only generate TONS of NEW Clients, but is guaranteed to Maximize the fat-burning potential of EVERY person who walks through your door. 

How would you like to have access to a 21-Day Body Transformation System that is guaranteed to generate a TON of NEW clients and keep your current clients for life?


Do you want to separate yourself from your COMPETITION by getting your clients faster results?

Do you spend hours each week helping clients and answering questions about their diets?

Do you want to put together a comprehensive Nutritional Program for your clients, and don’t know where to start?

Would you like a 100% Done-For-YOU Nutrition Program that you can simply email to your clients, and that will work for virtually EVERYONE?

What if we told you we have a simple, DONE-FOR-YOU, 21-Day meal plan program you can implement immediately in your boot camps and PT programs that can also be used to drive NEW Clients racing through your door.

Well….we DO!!

We have a PROVEN, SIMPLE, & Dietitian APPROVED Nutritional System designed for Fitness Professionals to use in your OWN Boot Camps & Programs!

In fact, we’ve used it in OUR OWN Boot Camps and have had AMAZING Results!



In FACT, the average camper lost… 7-13lbs for women & 10-15lbs. for men

Would your boot camp members be happy with that in just 21 days?

Dear Fit Pros,

Let’s face it, a LOT of us are great at designing workouts.  We focus on how important it is to maintain regular exercise-which is true.  BUT…what your clients put in their mouths can determine up to 70% OR MORE of their weight loss success! 

More Weight Loss = Happier Clients = Increased Income

Our “21-Day Boot Camp Belly Blast” Simple Nutrition program we’ve designed has been “tried-and-tested” until we perfected it to get your clients the MAXIMUM RESULTS!  Now, we are finally ready to share it with you!

Our 21-day system is Dietitian approved
and is a great match for virtually every client who wants to lose weight and maximize their metabolism in such a sort amount of time!


It doesn’t get any simpler to use in your Boot Camps or with your Personal Training Clients!

Our Complete 21-Day Nutrition Challenge Includes…

This has EVERYTHING you need, with MINIMAL work!

The ENTIRE program is 100% mapped out for you. 

All you need to do is take “before and after” measurements & photos, and put your logo on it…THAT’S it!

Lose Belly fat

How many times a week, does a camper come up to you and say “I want to lose this” and they are pointing to or grabbing their belly.

This is your ANSWER!

Now, you may be wondering about the different ways you can use this program. We thought we’d share some of what’s worked for us, since WE USE IT IN OUR OWN Boot Camps

  1. We’ve called it the “21-Day Boot Camp Belly Blast Challenge” (because it’s a way of eating, NOT a Diet) and have run it Pre-Holiday, Post-Holiday, Get Beach Ready, and more, where we promoted it as a “personal challenge” to see how people can transform their own bodies in just 3 weeks!
  2. We have run it as a TEAM CHALLENGE (which gets VERY EXCITING)!  This promotion is AMAZING as you have 2 person teams to see how much they can transform as a team!  This really gets the competition going and is great for other campers motivating each other!
  3. We’ve used it as a “BOOT CAMP CONTEST” with awesome prizes given to the top three finishers. Trust us- this is all your boot campers and clients will be talking about. Like on the 3rd day of detox, they chat about how excited they are to eat an egg the next day… it creates so much chatter! (This is always good for the next time you run it too, for those who didn’t participate). We actually had to start to offer it as an everyday product they could purchase because they all wanted IN!
  4. We’ve also offered it to our current clients for a small fee (if you give it to them for free – they will NOT value it).  To draw NEW clients we’d include 3-weeks of boot camp in addition to the boot camp belly blast program! It is a great way to generate NEW clients with a smaller price point.  AND… after they see their results, they will be clients for life!
  5. This program can be used anytime. If you need to earn extra income fast, simply run another contest!
  6. You also can use the program as an upgrade on your boot camp packages.  This will TRULY separate you from your COMPETITON!
  7. Hell, if you need to lose a few extra pounds, YOU can use it, too!

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Hear what some of the Other Fitness Professionals have to say about our product…

”Wow! Alicia and Carrie really made it easy for me to make an extra $582 in sales. They truly are all about plug n play! As a busy trainer it's hard to sit down and write out everything you need to create value in a promotional service like the 21 day program, but with Carrie and Alicia they do everything for you. Just buy the product and watch the new boot campers join and stay because they see the value!

Thank you so much Carrie and Alicia for making my life easier! “

- Brandon
”As a boot camp owner and trainer for over 12 years, it's very easy to feel bored with your own workouts and feel like you have done it all. I found Alicia's workouts to be inspiring and so refreshing. Then when I received the 21 Day Belly Blast Plan, I was even more thrilled. It was great to have a menu plan to go with the fantastic workouts. Since I have received the plan in October, I have had my clients use the plan throughout the holidays. They were amazed that they lost weight even with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and through all the holiday parties. I use the 21 Day Belly Blast Plan on a daily basis and I thank Carrie and Alicia for such a great program. I am looking forward to more of your products!!! “

- Kristina Faulkner, Get Inspired Fitness
”I really enjoyed the 21 Day Belly Blast Program for several reasons:
  • It was well put together and easy to read
  • The Planning Tips sections was really helpful
  • Delicious recipes

Also, the Bonus Workouts were a lifesaver over the Christmas holiday season! I took a break from my normal training and used those instead. I was astonished at how challenging they were, without taking up too much time!

 I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into this program to make it easily usable for busy people!“

- Natalie in South Africa

Here are some of the highlights of the Nutrition component…

  1. Calorie Confusion - you all know about muscle confusion, so it makes sense why calorie confusion would work too.
  2. Carb Cycling – eating the right carbs at the right time! Carbs are not the enemy, the time you eat them is!
  3. Phase One: Detox for the first 72 hours – this is the most challenging part, but you can help them push through it! This is designed to detoxify the toxins out of their bodies to create a more efficient, fat-burning machine!
  4. Calculating Your Water Intake – keeping hydrated is an important key to their success. This also helps them to feel fuller longer, so they will eat less! 
  5. Cheat/Treat Meals – there is a higher success rate when campers know they can still have some of the foods they love. They will learn how to plan for the extra calories and STILL stay on track!
  6. Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes - to use for the people with little time, no cooking skills, and just plan healthy eating!
  7. Quality Protein Powders & Protein Bars Suggestions– for on-the-go quick meals with less fillers and less artificial chemicals.
  8. Small Frequent Meals – to keep their energy up and combating binge eating! Campers and clients will feel like they are eating ALL of the time!
  9. 90/10 Rule – Eat well 90% of the time and eat with no guilt 10% of the time. Anyone can do this and this program will teach them that!
  10. And LOTS MORE!!!


It’s a learning tool to help your campers realize that they can eat well most of the time and still enjoy accelerated fat loss, and get amazing results!

And …YOU are the one who can make that happen!

You could be a SUPER STAR for the person who breaks through a LONG drawn out plateau or who loses those last 10 pounds! 

Your clients will learn how to make better choices for themselves and their families!


Boot Camp Belly Blast Program Includes…

•        Done-For-You Starter Guide
•        3 days of Detox (no pills or drugs) for the first 72 hours and your clients will feel great!
•        21-Days of “Done-for-You” Meal Plans (3 are the detox phase)
•        3 Easy-to-Follow Home Workouts
•        3 Easy-to-Follow Weeks of “Print-and-Go” Grocery Lists
•        Great Food Swap Ideas
•        Tons of Healthy Recipes
•        Nutritional Tips
•        Goal Planning Worksheet
•        Pre & Post Measurement and Photo Forms

Here’s What Our 21-Day Challenge Participants have said…

”I decided to try the 21 day belly blast challenge when it was first launched. I was desperate to lose the extra 10 pounds that the plan said it could help me with. …it didn't lie…it helped me lose almost 12 lbs and almost a total of 6 inches (in only 3 measuring spots)! I was finally able to fit into those "skinny jeans" that were staring at me every day in my closet! Along with the weight and inches, it helped me overcome my coffee addiction, something I didn't think was possible! The plan is awesome and it does work, I will be honest the first week was tough, but by the end of that first week I was already starting to feel healthier and I wasn't craving the "bad" foods that I thought I was going to be depriving myself of. The plan really opened my eyes to just how much stuff I was eating on a normal day, I caught myself eating the food off my kids plates, something I never realized I was doing until I started this plan. I loved that my meals, snacks and workouts were already mapped out for me and all I had to do was just follow the rules. This is definitely not a "diet", because I didn't want to go back to the way that I was eating before, it had completely reprogrammed my thinking. By the time the 21 days were over I looked and felt great and had so much extra energy, I was very pleased with the results!“

- Jenn C
”When it comes to weight loss plans, I should be considered an expert.  I have tried EVERYTHING.  Some with moderate success, some with dramatic success, but never with lasting success.  The weight always came back, until I tried the 21-day belly blast challenge. 

It was easy to remain on track during this program because the guide was easy to follow, and the recipes tasted great.  I wasn’t hungry and I was thrilled every time I stepped on the scale.  The genius of this program and what really sets it apart, is that after I completed the 21-day program, it stayed with me.  I did not fall back into my old bad habits.   I still wanted my green smoothie for breakfast, and I kept up with meal plan.  The 21-day belly blast challenge is not just a quick fix.  It provides you with the tools to make a lifestyle change.  To not only lose weight, but to keep it off.  I look and feel better than I have for years!  If you have been struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and are looking for lasting results….you have to try the 21-day Belly Blast Challenge! These girls know their stuff!“

- J. Burke, Tampa, FL

”From a person that rarely exercised, until I met Carrie Kukuda....I can say that my life totally turned around with the awesome structure and
Encouragement from the personal training Carrie and Alicia. Then she incorporated the 21 Day Belly Blast, WOW what a difference. I felt better and lost 7 pounds very quickly.
For me, that boosted the workout. Also to my amazement, my teenage sons were very impressed with the suggested menu choices, and even looked forward to what would be
for dinner every night!!! They said to make things easy just follow the menu choices always, whether on the diet or not. I agree!!!!!  This has helped me to make better food choices with
meals and I have maintained my weight loss, even 7 months later.
I can't thank Carrie and Alicia enough for coming into my life“

- Lori Ellis, Land O’Lakes, FL
”The 21 day Belly Blast is an EASY to follow meal plan that gets RESULTS.  I have followed the meal plan numerous times and have lost inches all over my body.  I even lost inches and pounds over the holidays last year while the average person was gaining.  After following the plan for 3 weeks, I lost 3+ pounds and just under 6 inches (and this was in only 3 measurements spots)!!  How cool is that to start the New Year!!!  Also, it was so easy for me to follow with the weekly grocery lists and the detailed meal plan.  It saved me time each week since I did not need to sit down and go through recipes to figure out what food to buy for the next week.  I loved that there was no guess work and I always knew what to eat so there was no need to just pick up some other not so healthy food.  This plan is not a diet and I felt like I was always eating.  There were times that I was still full when it was time to eat again!  The plan also contains built in motivation that keep me going and looking forward to the next meal or snack.  I learned that you need to feed my body every few hours and even confuse it sometimes to help boost my metabolism and shed the inches.  The belly blast is a life time keeper for me!!! Thanks Carrie & Alicia!“

- Lori O’Brien, Tampa, FL
”I needed to jump-start my weight loss and started with the 21-belly blast.  After 21 days I lost 9lbs and I was ecstatic. The 21 day is easy to follow. It lists the foods that you need to buy and also gives the weekly schedule of what to eat and when, it couldn't get any easier than that.  I learned what   would be a healthy way of eating the right foods even with cheat days.   The green smoothie and the egg salad is
absolutely delicious.  I would recommend this plan to anyone looking to lose a couple of pounds and break through plateaus!“

- Linda Arana, Lutz, FL
”I started the 21 day Belly Blast late 2010 just before the holidays, I was very happy that I did because it helped me during the holidays.  I also asked my husband to join in because I thought with his  support I would truly stick with it. The 21 day Belly Blast proved to be such a positive result for me, I lost nine pounds but what it resulted in was something greater than weight loss, it gave me the ability to make better choices about my food, making sure my fruits and vegetables were actually in my meal plans for the day and provided me with lots of structure each day. I have found myself in the past, starting off the day well and then getting so out of touch with what I wanted to eat, that results weren't good. The 21 day Belly Blast proved to be the plan that kept me on track, it helped me realize what being full really meant and I feel great. My husband lost 16 pounds so together 25 pounds in three weeks. We have managed to maintain the loss and keep it off!!!! We went on vacation for a week and enjoyed ourselves without feeling guilty about what we ate; however, when we returned we picked the second week of the 21 day Belly Blast to help us get back on track!“

- Tammy Thornhill, Lutz, FL


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Who is the “21-Day Belly Blast” Program Designed For?

Our program is designed for any fitness professionals looking to create extra revenue in addition to their current programs. 

This will add the critical “nutrition” component that is guaranteed to get amazing results for your clients, and turn them into clients for life! Don’t forget about all the referrals they will bring you also!  This is Done-for-You. It will save time, money, and energy, PERIOD.

What happens if I Do Not Like Your Program?

We are so sure that you will love our 21-Day Belly Blast System that we proudly stand by our 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just let us know and we will gladly refund 100% of your money.

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Our 21-Day Belly Blast System is 100% Guaranteed.
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We are so convinced that you will love our 21-Day Belly Blast System that we proudly stand by our 60-Day, 100% money back guarantee! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our 21-Day Belly Blast System, just contact us within 60 days of your purchase to request your 100% money-back refund. Fair Enough?

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Click to Order Your 21-Day Belly Blast System for just $197 $147

Looking Forward To Your Success,

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PS – Don't forget our Print-and-Go Workouts make it so easy for you to have a kick-butt and fat blasting workout in seconds!

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